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After going to Boise with the kids, I really would like to travel more with them. I’m surprised that I’m saying this because usually kids drive their parents nuts in car rides, but my kids are actually really good! They love road tripping and seeing different places, so I decided  ...

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I’m off to Utah today, going to take the kids to see my parents. My dad was recently diagnosed with cancer, so I want to make sure we spend time with him because you never know when it’s our time to go back to Source.

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New Videos!

I’ve been getting back into the swing of making videos again, so today I’ve got two for you! The first is an unboxing of my newest deck, the Albano-Waite Tarot, and the second video is how I clear, cleanse and charge my decks—new or seasoned decks. Enjoy!

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Michael Cohen

Cohen is definitely regretting what he did and experiencing a deep sense of loss. He has yet to realize the positive effects of his testimony. (5 of cups) He’s afraid and worrying about what’s going to happen, however, he is addressing the situation head-on (the moon). There’s a lot going on,  ...

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